Looking for Time Clocks? Your Tips in Choosing the Right One for You

Whether you're a large scale or small scale business, it is very important that you decide on having a good time and attendance system. There are many ways on how to achieve this, but the most challenging part here is to select the right time clock. Before choosing a time clock, you have to understand that not all time clocks are suitable to every system. 

Gone are the days when time clocks are just for punch in and punch out. It has changed a lot this time. There are several features like facial scans, fingerprints, badge cards and others rely on the Internet. Choosing a time clock is like choosing a car. You have to check the features of each option and decide which ones are necessary for your business.

When choosing a time clock, you should first decide whether to have a portal device time clock or a stand-alone one. The portal device time clock connects to the Internet as well as a hosted service. On the other hand, the stand-alone time clock collects the hours worked.

The portal devices has more features to offer like allowing you to review time cards, view schedules and request time-off.

There are several types of time clocks to choose from. Below are some of them and what they can do to help you determine which one is most suitable for your business. Read more now

1. First is the punch card. This is considered to be the original type where employees have to place their card into the clock for time to be stamped onto it. This doesn't connect to cloud-based system.

2. Another type is the magnetic swipe. The badge cards will be swiped on the magnetic stripe. However, the stripes may easily wear and has to be replaced.

3. The bar code is another option to consider. The employees scan the bar code of their cards than swiping it. This is how the exact time when they arrive and leave the premises are recorded.

4. PIN number includes a number pad allowing employees to enter their personal identification number during their in and out of the premises. This is a good partner of bar code cards and magnetic swipe.

5. One of the most popular time clocks is the biometric. Employees check in and out through their own fingerprint. This sophisticated option is preferred by most businesses. More info about mobile time clock here

6. Employees can also use their online system to record in and out time. This wall-mounted clocks with the use of computers can also be a good option.
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